3 Ways You Can Showcase Your Business Online

Social media is everywhere these days, and we can’t escape it. If you’re a business owner, you’ve probably been told more than once how important it is to have a presence on social media. But how do you go about it? And how can you ensure consistent posting without devoting all your time to it? In this blog post, you’ll learn how to easily manage your social media channels and enhance your online presence.


What is social media presence?

Having a presence on social media means showcasing who you are as a business by posting photos and other content on social media platforms. It’s a way to present your business online to people, reach new potential customers, and keep existing customers informed about all the latest updates within your company.


Why is social media presence important for a business?

A recent study by Statista has shown that in 2023, 4.89 billion people worldwide use social media daily. Additionally, a study conducted by UBA Belgium in 2022 revealed that 9.52 million Belgians regularly use social media, which is 81.7% of the population. It is predicted that this number will continue to increase in the coming years. Therefore, it is crucial that your business is visible on social media.

Social media is also a fantastic tool for showcasing who you are as a business and the values you hold dear. A study by SproutSocial found that consumers are 74% more likely to engage with a company online if it aligns with their personal values and beliefs.

Now that you understand why a strong social media presence is essential for your business, it’s time to start building it!


Tip 1: Who is your target audience?

Before you even start writing a blog post, there’s an important question you need to ask yourself: who is my target audience?

This is crucial because your strategy will be based on it. The easiest way to determine this is by examining your existing customer base and looking for commonalities, especially in interests and affinities.

For example, if you’re a hairdresser and notice that your existing customers are increasingly asking for a keratin treatment, the keratin treatment is the current interest of your target audience, and this is precisely the information you can use to grab their attention. If you’re a startup and can’t conduct a customer analysis yet, you can create a buyer persona. This is a marketing technique that helps you define the “perfect customer.” Then, based on this persona, you can determine and identify your target audience.


Tip 2: Create a content calendar

Now that you know who you want to reach, it’s important to choose the social media platforms you want to be active on and determine how often you want to post per week. For most platforms, posting twice a week is ideal. However, posting twice a week on multiple channels can become confusing. Creating a content calendar can provide a solution.

A content calendar is crucial for keeping your content planning organized and on track. It ensures a structured approach so you never miss important dates, such as Christmas or significant milestones for your business. Moreover, a content calendar helps maintain a consistent posting schedule (2 times a week) so you can always post on time without stress.

This is crucial for your customer engagement and customer loyalty. Other benefits of using a content plan include:

  • Efficient resource management: Have you ever had a great idea for a themed post, like Christmas or New Year, but you didn’t have a photo of your colleagues to include? The content plan solves this for you! It provides a quick overview of the resources needed for each post, including visuals, videos, and whether you need assistance from colleagues or external sources.
  • SEO optimization: A content calendar allows you to plan your content and keywords in advance. You can research what’s currently trending within your target audience using SEO tools like Answer the Public or Google Trends. You can then use these keywords and ideas to fill in your content plan. This allows you to strategically incorporate keywords into your content, improving its visibility in search engines. Don’t know how to find the right keywords for your target audience? We recommend reading our blog post “5 Tips to rank higher on Google” where we guide you step by step on how to approach SEO research.
  • Adaptability and flexibility: By creating your content calendar on a monthly basis, for example, you give yourself the flexibility to make adjustments easily without it appearing disorganized. This way, you can still move content around based on performance statistics or emerging trends.

Tip 3: Don’t skip visuals

It might be tempting to simply post your text and not spend all that time designing a matching visual. But that would be a mistake!

Have you ever noticed that when you write a longer text, it often goes unread? Use visuals! Breaking up such lengthy texts with relevant visuals will encourage your readers to keep reading and give them a much-needed break in between paragraphs.

Want to explain complex matters in a structured way? Use visuals! Visual information helps explain difficult topics so your readers understand and engage more easily with your content.

Do you want your reader to be more engaged? Use visuals! A picture is worth a thousand words, especially when it comes to sensitive topics. For example, when you open the newspaper and read an article about a sensitive issue, it affects you, but when there’s an accompanying image, the message often resonates even more strongly. As a result, you’re more likely to remember the article and be inclined to respond to it.

Visuals are also a great opportunity to incorporate your brand identity such as logos, company colors, and fonts to further enhance your brand recognition.

Even your website’s SEO can be improved by adding visuals. They keep readers on the page longer, which enhances customer retention. Search engines pick up on this and promote your content further.

For those of us who don’t have much experience or time to design visuals for each individual post, don’t worry! There are many handy (free) tools that allow you to design visuals quickly, such as:

On these platforms, you can easily create an account and start using and editing their free templates, giving you your own branded visual!

If you have any questions about designing your visuals, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our talented designers are happy to answer your questions!

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