How to Use Social Media to Improve Your Website’s SEO

Nowadays, being visible online is key for any brand’s success. We all know about traditional SEO techniques like using the right keywords and optimizing websites, but there’s another powerful tool that often gets underestimated: social media.


Social media platforms aren’t just for connecting with your audience or building your brand; they can actually help improve your website’s SEO and make you more visible online. When you combine social media with SEO strategies, you open up a whole new world of opportunities to rank higher in search engines and bring in more organic traffic. It’s all about leveraging the power of social media to boost your online presence and get ahead in the digital game.


Understanding the Relationship Between Social Media and SEO

When it comes to social media and SEO, there’s a connection you should know about. While social media doesn’t directly make your website rank higher on Google, it does affect some important things that do.

Think of it like this: when people share, like, or engage with your content on social media, it shows that your website is trustworthy and popular. Search engines like Google pay attention to this. Also, sometimes social media profiles show up in search results, giving you even more chances to get noticed.


Strategies to use Social Media to improve SEO


1. Publish High-Quality Content

Making great content that people want to share is key for social media success. When you regularly provide valuable content that your audience loves, it boosts engagement and makes it more likely that others will share your posts. This not only gets you more visibility but also helps improve your SEO by creating more backlinks.


2. Build Backlinks

Encourage sharing your website content on social media to get backlinks from trustworthy sites. When you create content worth linking to and share it well on social media, it boosts its credibility and authority, which in turn improves your website’s SEO.


3. Optimize Social Media Profiles

Make sure your social media profiles show up in searches by using keywords in your descriptions and posts. Keep your profiles complete and current, and use features like hashtags and geotags to increase visibility and attract more followers.


4. Amplify Content

Social media has a huge audience and can greatly boost your website’s content. Plan posts for various platforms, adapt your content to fit each platform, and interact with your audience to encourage sharing. Partnering with influencers can also expand your reach and bring more visitors to your site.


5. Track Key Metrics

Keep a close eye on your social media performance by looking at important numbers like how many followers you gain, how much people engage with your posts, and how many clicks, shares, and comments you get. By watching these metrics, you can spot patterns, see what’s working well, and make smart choices to improve both your social media and SEO strategies.


Implementing the Skyscraper Technique

To give your SEO a real kick, think about trying the Skyscraper Technique. It’s a way of creating top-notch content that’s better than what your competitors have. By making valuable resources that other sites want to link to and establishing yourself as an expert in your field, you can make your website more visible and improve its SEO.

The Skyscraper Technique is a content marketing strategy I recently came across developed by Brian Dean.

Here’s a breakdown of how it works:

  1. Find Link-Worthy Content: First, you research your industry or niche to find content that’s already popular and gaining a lot of backlinks.
  2. Create Something Better: Next, you create content that’s even more comprehensive, up-to-date, and valuable than what you found. This could mean making it longer, adding more data or examples, or providing a unique perspective.
  3. Reach Out and Promote: Once your content is live, you reach out to the people who linked to the original content you found. You let them know about your superior piece and ask if they’d consider linking to it instead.
  4. Benefit from Backlinks: By getting these high-quality backlinks, your content gains authority in the eyes of search engines like Google, which can lead to higher rankings in search results and more organic traffic to your website.

The Skyscraper Technique is all about creating content that stands out and attracts backlinks naturally, helping to improve your website’s SEO over time.



To sum it all up, social media gives brands lots of chances to boost their website’s SEO and get seen more online. If you use these strategies in your digital marketing and make the most of social media platforms, you can improve your search engine rankings, get more people visiting your site, and reach your business goals online.

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